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If you’ve lost structure in your weekly exercise routine, or you’re simply not seeing the desired results from your current training, then Healthy Switch is your perfect solution! Our passionate, supremely fit, & highly enthusiastic PT’s, ensure maximal fitness results, through high intensity & variety sessions that suitably challenge all fitness levels.


Our unrivalled ability to deliver maximal results in a group setting, has been reflected in the rapid “word of mouth” driven growth of our Bootcamp & Corporate Fitness sessions, since the establishment of Healthy Switch in 2006.


Along with our comprehensive range of fitness training options across inner Melbourne, our Online Fitness Store’s commitment to trading a selection of high quality products at best possible prices, has led to currently supplying our nationwide customer base on a daily basis.

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1 month ago

Healthy Switch

Thank you for the impressive comradery & enthusiasm, with which everyone tackled the gruelling training & activity schedule, on the 2018 Healthy Switch Fitness Retreat, as well as embracing the clean/fresh/nutrient rich eating (aside from the few bits of contraband, that allegedly made it past the guard tower) ☺️ #magneticisland #fitnessretreat #activetravel #fitness #fitnesstraining #health #healthylifestyle #healthandfitness #maxfitnessresults #comradery ... See MoreSee Less


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Looks like you all had fun. I’m looking forward to getting back out there with you all.. god knows I’ll need it after this break 🤣

It looks totally awesome!! 🙌🙌👍👍

Go Jason!


  • “ I got fantastic results from the group personal training that I did with Pete. My fitness level improved dramatically and I had a lot more energy. Plus I lost the extra weight that I had been wanting to lose. The training was fun, as well as challenging and Pete was really encouraging and motivational ”

    - Rachael Jellick -
  • “Getting fit with Healthy Switch was just what I needed. Working out in a group of 6 made the sessions a bit of fun not to mention that I always felt Pete was absolutely professional in making sure we got the best workout possible in each session. Definitely going to sign up again!”

    - Michael Da Gama Pinto -
  • “Having regular sessions paid for and locked into my diary makes sure that I get to training. Pete’s sessions are tough, but never boring! My fitness has improved a million times over since I started training with Pete. Before I started training I couldn’t even run around the tan without stopping, now I’m getting ready to attempt the Melbourne half marathon.”

    - Skye Walton -
  • “In one word – Professional! Pete has been my personal trainer for 3 months and I look forward to my training sessions with him. He is a great motivator as well as having a terrific amount of knowledge to apply to those people taking his training lessons. He actually cares about all aspects of your training progress, whether it be related to diet or training with weights.”

    - Kaye Plummer -
  • “Pete pushes us hard at group training, he caters for all fitness levels and we all have a fun yet challenging time”

    - Claire Burgess -
  • “I have tried a few different exercise groups/bootcamps now, and of those I have experienced, you provide the greatest variety of exercises, and your classes are the most challenging. I am really enjoying it – glad to have found you!”

    - Tal Karp -
  • “I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support over the last couple of bootcamp groups I did. Since starting back in October, I’ve increased my aerobic capacity beyond any measure, feel healthier and fitter than ever and dropped 8kg! You’ve given me the fitness bug and got me back into running which has been fantastic and for that I’m truly grateful!”

    - Tim McLennan -
  • “Great session Pete!! Kendall and I have been looking for something that has the intensity of your session today. We’ve trialled a few different bootcamps of late and they all seem to spend half of the time standing around relaxing.”

    - Carol Stewart -
  • “Thank you very much for the great energy and organisation you bring to your classes…i have enjoyed them and definitely will be part of it next year again.”

    - Georgia Lagoudakis -
  • “Thanks Petefor being the best trainer ever!!! I love your style of training – you are fair, positive and upbeat.”

    - Kath Power -
  • “Hi Pete, my two Polar FT60’s arrived yesterday (one for me and one for a friend), I just wanted to say thanks ever so much, you have the BEST prices around and they didn’t take long to get to us.”

    - Michelle Martin -
  • “Thanks for your awesome classes Pete!”

    - Nick Harrison -
  • “Merry Christmas Pete and thanks again for an awesome year of training!”

    - Nat Flegg -
  • “Nick is an excellent trainer and knows his stuff, I see results and he’s very motivating. As much as I complain during the session, I’ve never enjoyed training so much. I know the other girls feel the same.”

    - Danielle Hartnett -
  • “Hey Pete, thanks again for a fantastic year, great fun and hard work all at the same time!”

    - Nick Power -
  • Thank you Ossie, we’ve really enjoyed the training and boosting our fitness levels.

    - Clementine Jacobs -
  • “G’day Pete, awesome program mate. I gave it a go at the gym tonight. I’m cooked! Worked me over big time, really enjoyed it.”

    - Will Lewis -
  • “Thank you for your enthusiasm over the past year and for always encouraging me to try my best.”

    - Amanda Hawker -
  • “Hi Peter, thank you for all your assistance, much appreciated. I have received the watch today and am delighted with it. Should be a valuable training aid.”

    - John Grysiewicz -
  • “Hi Pete, things have changed dramatically for me this week, and I am now relocating back to London! Gutted to be leaving your group- it’s been great!”

    - Gill Powell -
  • “Hi Pete, thank you for your assistance. I will use your site again for future purchases!”

    - Susan Cochrane -
  • “Hi Pete, many thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm in training us over the past couple of rounds.”

    - Michael Beaconsfield -
  • “Thanks Pete, I really appreciated the personalised program session, in particular the different types of exercises (despite struggling through some of them!!).Look forward to giving it another full run through and seeing the progression over the next couple of months.”

    - Brad Paton -
  • “Thanks for a great corporate sports afternoon!”

    - Rebecca Futter -
  • “Pete is, simply, the best trainer I have ever had. After living in both Melbourne and Sydney and trying out many different bootcamps and personal training over the years, Pete stands out as the best. Pete’s training is fun (the sessions are always different) as well as always being challenging! I have been training with Pete for 6 years and he still manages to increase my fitness and challenges me every single session.”

    - Eliza Bulfin -
  • “Hi Pete,I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my fitness and for your all your patience and encouragement. I have definitely noticed a big change in my overall fitness since I first started your PT sessions. I look forward to further improving my fitness in the new year.”

    - Marian Saroufim -
  • “Very much enjoying the sessions with Nick and feel lucky to have him train us!”

    - Nick Broun -
  • “Great Boxing session last night – the HR monitor said ave 165, max 192…explains why I slept so well!”

    - Marcus Crowe -