Through our alliance with Switch On Sports, we have a strong involvement with sporting clubs & schools. Our services include Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning, School Fitn ess Bootcamps, and Health & Fitness Presentations.

Strength & Conditioning:

Pre-Season training is critical for a successful season, irrespective of age or skill level. Our Strength & Conditioning sessions lead to peak performance through being specifically designed for the demands of the sport on the individual athlete’s, whilst also helping to prevent injuries through specifically preparing the body.

We require a minimum of 8 weeks to suitably condition a team for the season ahead, with a minimum of 16 weeks being more ideal for contact team sports such as AFL, allowing periodisation to successfully build strength & convert into power through training macrocycles.Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning is maintained during the season, through a combination of Strength, Hypertrophy, Power, & Cardio sessions, carefully structured into the week, so as not to impede match performance.

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School Fitness Bootcamps:

Healthy Switch School Fitness Bootcamps are an excellent means of promoting health & fitness to students, providing enjoyment, as well as teamwork, co-ordination, communication, confidence, and leadership skills. Unless a specific format is preferred by the school, we usually provide sessions featuring a combination of body weight resistance, interval running, resistance equipment & boxing for fitness drills.

Our Personal Trainers have additional qualifications for Children’s Fitness Instruction, enabling us to instruct suitably designed Bootcamps for younger aged students. These focus on developing fundamental skills in a fun & non-competitive manner, involving static balance, running, jumping, lateral movement, catching, throwing, and kicking.

Our School Fitness Bootcamps have mainly been provided during school hours, however they are also an option as part of school holiday, or after school activity programmes.

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Health & Fitness Presentations:

Unfortunately there are reportedly growing health issues among school students, including poor concentration, obesity, diabetes, sleeping disorders, & lethargy. Our presentations cover a range of crucial information on relevant health and fitness topics, with the ultimate goal of inspiring desire &action for healthier eating and enhanced participation in exercise.

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Sports Equipment & Uniforms:

For all sporting equipment & uniform requirements, we strongly suggest contacting Switch On Sports, for best pricing Australia wide on a comprehensive range of high quality items. Their online ordering system allows orders to be conveniently placed, with prompt turnaround & free delivery Australia wide.

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*Access restricted to Australian Clubs and Schools