Healthy Switch Personal Training provides the most suitable format for ensuring specificity of exercises to the individual client’s needs. Our PT sessions range from 1on1, to large private groups, with a diminishing pricing structure for additional participants.


Outdoor Personal Training:

Healthy Switch provides training equipment of equivalence to that found in a gym or studio, with the outdoor environment having the added benefit of no space restrictions for cardiovascular drills.

A distinguishing feature of Healthy Switch Personal Training, is that your trainer runs alongside you, providing motivation every step of the way.

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Personal Programming:

If meeting on a regular basis with a Personal Trainer is not your most practical training format, you may wish to take advantage of the Healthy Switch Personal Programming service.

Clients meet with their Personal Trainer on a 4 or 8 week basis, where they are able to work through Goal Setting, a Nutritional Analysis, & a thorough Health & Fitness Assessment. Following the assessments, clients are guided through a Personalised Program (designed with or without use of equipment),to be followed over the period prior to re-assessment.
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